High Impedance amplifiers

High input impedance amplifiers types Ex02, Ex04 and Ex06

Some applications require low electrical loading, requiring very high impedance measurement inputs. Examples are the use of Ph electrodes and ion-selective electrodes. Reference electrodes will have a much longer lifetime when connected to a high impedance input.

Ext-Ins offers specialized equipment able to buffer or amplify high impedance signals with negligible input current. The output can be connected to a data logger, voltmeter or other (voltage) monitoring equipment. The input impedance is more than 1 Tera-Ohms (10^12Ohms). The equipment is mounted in an practical enclosure and has all necessary protections for a reliable use.

Multiple versions are available:
Ex02- a single ended dual channel amplifier, with input range between -5 and 5V (new version), Datasheet Ex02
Ex04- a differential dual channel amplifier, with input levels ranging from -10 to +10 V, Datasheet Ex04
Ex06- a differential amplifier with input range from -50 to +50 V, Datasheet Ex06. this version has also a remake, the Ex06_MK2,